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Welcome NoteĀ 

Warm greetings from Prioritizing the sanctity of our user data is fundamental to our operations. This document elucidates the character of the information we accumulate, its utility, and your entitlements related to this data. For inquiries into our privacy practices, feel free to connect with us.


This Privacy Policy is confined to our online operations and is relevant for visitors who collect and/or disseminate information through Pokies83 Net Australia website. The policy does not extend to information accumulated offline or via other websites.

Your Acquiescence

Engaging with our website implies your concurrence with this Privacy Policy and its outlined clauses.

Information Accumulation

In instances where you engage with our website or contact us directly, we might solicit specific personal details, always elucidating the motive behind such requests. Data collection may encompass:

  • Direct interactions: Name, email, contact number, and any information you volunteer.

  • Account creation: Identifying data such as name, residential address, email, and telephone number.

Utilization of Your Data

The assimilated data is harnessed for diversified intentions:

  • Sustain and augment our website.

  • Deliver tailored user interfaces.

  • Understand your engagement with our website.

  • Innovate in product and service domains.

  • Communicate updates, marketing initiatives, and customer service.

  • Identify and mitigate fraudulent pursuits.

Data Logging Mechanics

Thepokies83 net Australia adheres to the standard log file methodology, a prevalent norm among hosting services for analytical objectives, potentially including details like IP addresses, browser specifications, ISPs, timestamps, and more, which do not identify individuals. Their chief utility is trend analysis and website administration.

Cookies & Web Beacons Usage

' 83 Australia' employs 'cookies' to comprehend user predilections and enrich their navigation experiences, which assists in customizing our content based on your browser and associated data.

Advertisement & Third-Party Protocols

Our advertising associates may also deploy cookies, JavaScript, or Web Beacons to refine the personalization of ads displayed. It's imperative to note that 83 exercises no authority over third-party cookies.

Third-Party Privacy Guidelines

Advertisers or websites linked to our platform possess their privacy policies. We encourage reviewing their policies for an all-encompassing understanding. For guidance on managing cookies through your browser, refer to its documentation.

Rights under CCPA

For California residents:

  • Request disclosure regarding your data categories.

  • Petition for the deletion of personal details.

  • Opt out of your data being traded. To exercise any CCPA rights, engage with us. We will respond within a month.

User Rights under GDPR

Users must be cognizant of their data protection rights, such as

  • Data access.

  • Rectifying inaccuracies.

  • Erasing your data under certain conditions.

  • Restraining data processing.

  • Objecting to data processing.

  • Data portability to other services or yourself. To utilize any GDPR rights, please connect with us. We assure you a response within a month.

Your privacy is our priority, and the 83 is devoted to safeguarding it while you explore our virtual world. May your journey with us be both entertaining and secure!