Overview of Guidelines

"Thepokies 83 net Australia" stands as the authentic proprietor and overseer of this digital domain, founded in adherence to the legislative framework of Curacao, and credentialed by the Curacao Gaming Authority under License No. 1668/JAZ. The stipulations here apply to the use of The Pokies' platform across all web-accessible devices, with references identifying you as "the player." The terms set forth here legally sculpt a contract binding "the player" and "the operator." Account creation implicitly conveys your acquiescence to these terms. It's pivotal to acquaint yourself with these terms before account establishment, and any discord mandates a halt in using the platform.

Navigating Platform Utilization

Your engagement with "the pokies83" is sanctioned if 

  • Your age surpasses the legal gambling threshold in your jurisdiction. 

  • Online gambling is lawful in your domicile country, with your commitment to align with local gambling norms. 

Age verification may occasionally be solicited from players, with access contingent upon satisfactory provision. Participating on our platform entails an acknowledgment of potential gains and losses without attributing financial responsibility to us. You affirm no prior prohibition from using our platform and commit to supplying accurate registration particulars. Collaborative collusion via automation is firmly forbidden, and we reserve the right to annul winnings derived from such actions. Players are cautioned against deploying multiple accounts for bonus manipulation; exclusive permissions for multiple account use are at our sole discretion. Bonuses may be rescinded upon violation of our terms. Your gaming endeavours should prioritize entertainment, devoid of professional intent.

Constructing an Account

Account establishment may necessitate personal data submission, which mandates accuracy. We may seek corroborating documentation for validation. Modifying contact details can be executed through customer support or within the site's profile segment. Initiating an account implies a comprehensive understanding and acceptance of affiliated risks, absolving The Pokies Net from accountability for losses.

Funding Deposits

Deposits are credited to your account after we affirm the fund receipt. Ensure adherence to deposit parameters as outlined on our payment methods page. Periodically, we may seek documentation pertinent to transactions. Deposits should originate from personal payment channels unless our support provides explicit approval otherwise.

Executing Withdrawals

Withdrawal timelines fluctuate; our support team is available for timeline inquiries. Post-dispatch to your bank, we assume no liability for funds. Transaction evidence is available upon request. In instances of withdrawal impediments, alternative payout channels will be proposed. Compliance with pertinent anti-money laundering legislation necessitates players to fulfil specific playthrough prerequisites before withdrawal enactments. While we impose no withdrawal charges, banks might. Our casino is not a fiscal entity and will neither accumulate interest nor provide currency conversions. Withdrawals may necessitate prior identity verification.

Violations & Contract Dissolution

Transgressions, or suspicions thereof, of these terms may instigate account suspension and discretionary fund retention on our part.